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Windows 7 Desktop, 2011-04-30 by BoltClock Windows 7 Desktop, 2011-04-30 by BoltClock
My Windows 7 Ultimate desktop as of April 30, 2011.

I once mentioned in my previous Team Fortress 2 deviation that I'm more skilled as a Pyro than the Spy, although I generally prefer the latter.

In fact, I've now made both Pyro and Spy my main classes. And with that, I've gone ahead to make a new wallpaper for the Pyro class! It's also based on my new Team Fortress 2 nickname, The Annoying Pyro. I came up with that name for my incessant use of secondary weapon fire, also known as compression blast, to juggle people, as well as for my general tendency to harass people at random.

The illustration of my Clock character was done in Flash CS4, and all textures, effects, the background as well as the Team Fortress logo overlays were rendered in Photoshop CS4. You may find the effect I used for the background rather similar to this iPhone home screen I made last year. Well, you're right! In fact, I'm reusing this home screen wallpaper together with the lock screen version of my new Pyro wallpaper. Check it out here!

Oh, one more thing: there haven't been many real changes in my shortcut icons. However, you'll notice that I've thrown out Safari for a new application called Winter (and it's also made an appearance on my taskbar). It's an upcoming Windows Twitter client that I'm working on, and I'll be putting out a pre-release build soon! If you're interested, follow @winter_app on Twitter!
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April 30, 2011
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